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Welcome to Simple Membership

Welcome to the home of Simple Membership, the system designed from the ground up for U3As over the last 10 years.

The fact you are here means that you are involved in the extremely exciting and interesting phase of evaluating, and then hopefully moving to a new online system for managing your Membership and your U3A Website.

Designed for U3As

Simple Membership has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of U3As. This hasn't happened overnight and has taken over 10 years working with multiple U3As.

We understand that every U3A is slightly different, so you can customise the website content and the information you hold about your members to meet your requirements.

Secure and UK Based

Moving your sensitive membership data online is a big change for many U3As, so we have built Simple Membership using the latest secure Microsoft technologies.

All data passing between your computer and our system is encrypted to keep your information secure.

Our Help Desk System and UK support team are available to assist with any questions you may have.

Membership is just the start...

Our experience working with U3As shows that once your have your membership management handled by a system, the appetite for new features rapidly grows. New features such as managing Groups, Events and even the Accounts!

Simple Membership covers all of these features and is continuously developing as new ideas and requests come in from different U3As!

Introductory Video

A short introductory video to give you a flavour of Simple Membership and the some of the key features the system offers. Many more features have recently been added and a new video to showcase these is coming soon.